The Lodge is accepting reservations from the general public in a limited capacity. County health officials have awarded us compliant status, which requires adherence to strict sanitation guidelines. Cleanliness standards at the Lodge generally exceed official guidance, with a few important exceptions that also impact the stay of every guest. These exceptions require that we:

  1. Do not enter the rooms of any guests during their stay. This means that dirty towels must be left outside by the guest, where they will be exchanged for clean towels as needed. Small daily amenities like coffee and shampoo will be available upon request and will be left in containers outside of rooms.
  2. Allow 24 hours to pass before guests are allowed in a previously occupied room. This means that we will have less occupancy than normal, and that we are less able to accommodate adding nights to a stay, though we will try our best.
  3. Ensure guests adhere to social distancing rules at all times, and when unable to maintain a safe distance, wear personal protective equipment. Masks are available at the front desk for every guest. Entrance into the lobby is restricted to one person at any given time.

Click here to see county guidelines.

We have always been committed to providing clean, sanitary, and disease-free accommodations and facilities. We have kept a close eye on the important fact-based news and information regarding the COVID-19 virus. We have evaluated our products and methods, and have factored in all guidelines set by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We will continue to do so as COVID-19 spreads.

While no location or facility is 100 percent safe, our staff is committed to being vigilant in making sure every guests area is sanitized frequently. Hand sanitizers are at the front desk and Clorox wipes are placed in all of the indoor and outdoor common areas.

We have implemented a strict policy regarding staff illness and separation from the workplace. We are asking daily if they have family or friends that have had a cough and if so, asking them to take some time away.

Transparency is one of our core values, and we are committed to keeping you fully informed of any updates regarding this or any other concerns while at our facility.

Stay safe out there!

The Owners, Management and Staff of Indian Creek Lodge.