What are your rates? See our accommodations, rates, & facilities page.

Do you accept pets? We love ’em all great & small, but we do not accept pets. If that isn’t a deal breaker for you, contact information for pet hotels in the area can be found on our pets page.

How’s the fishing? Probably great! Check out our Facebook & Instagram for day-to-day updates.

I don’t fish, what else is there to do? Other than soaking in the tranquility & quality time with your loved ones, we have fun activities like scavenger hunts, rock painting, and s’mores kits for the fire-pit. We have a ton of lawn games (giant Jenga is a hoot after some wine), a Frisbee golf hole, horseshoes, and bocce ball. There’s also a whole section in the menu bar on the top left of this page called ‘Things To Do’ you can investigate. We also do pumpkin carving on Halloween, communal Snowman construction when it snows, and Easter egg hunts.

Can we swim in the river? Adults yes, but it could be chilly depending on the time of year. Kids maybe, but only when the flows are low and with supervision. We have a pool too.. and there are lots of toys.

Do you have free wifi? Of course, we aren’t monsters!

Is your wifi any good? Aha, you’re a clever one. You can browse & check email just fine, but don’t get your hopes up that Netflix & Hulu will run seamlessly at high quality settings.

Is there cell reception? For those on Verizon & Sprint, it’s passable if you’re near one of our boosters. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile, you might end up doing signal-hunting yoga. You can use our landline if you need to.

Are your rooms clean? Our housekeepers have over a hundred years of combined experience and we pay them well, so in a word, yes. Tip them if you’re impressed.

How far is Weaverville from you? About 7 minutes by car. Timed it myself.

Are your rooms as nice as they are in the pictures? Better, we need to take some new photos.

Should I be concerned about bears? About once a year we find scat by our blackberry bushes, so I wouldn’t be worried.

If I sign up for your newsletter will you spam me? Not unless you consider a quarterly update spam, no. We won’t give it to anyone else either.

Is the Cafe any good? Better than you’d think, given where we’re at. Most folks leave impressed.. and the rest had too much wine.

You have so many good reviews, are they fake? Nope, we’re just good at this.

How’s business? We stay pretty busy, so you should probably click here to book your room.