The Trinity River in Northern California is one of the most scenic rivers in the Northwest and provides some of the best year-round fishing. Also rated one of the top 8 fly-fishing rivers in the United States for incredible Steelhead, Salmon, and German Browns.

Fishing Report

River Flows

Steelhead season runs year round with the peak of the season being September-January. During this time, you will also catch German Browns. These fish respond very well to swinging flies, drifting bait and roe, artificial-like wee warts, and other plugs and spinners. Salmon have two distinct runs: Spring run which begins in June and runs through August; and the Fall run which begins September and runs through early November. Please note that the correct Chinook limits can be found in this Department of Fish & Wildlife press release.

Fly Shops

The Fly Shop: 1-800-669-3474

Trinity Fly Shop: 1-530-623-6757

If you’re looking for a guide we’re always happy to recommend a number of Trinity’s finest anglers. (530) 623-6294